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Thank you for your interest in reading about me! As a native Southern Californian born and raised in Pasadena, CA, I have always been interested in Real Estate. Pulling out the Homes section of the Sunday paper and looking through beautiful properties was always a hobby of mine on the weekends as a young girl and adolescent. I studied Political Science and Finance in college at Stanford University and CSU, Long Beach. As a young professional having started my career in 2003, I am pleased to say that this is exactly what I am meant to do and I am here to stay. Even after you pay off your 30 year fixed mortgage I put you into just a few years ago, I will still be here. Try that with your local loan officer at the retail banks!


About First Financial Bancorp (FFB)

First Financial Bancorp is a California corporation formed to bring unlimited financing capabilities of the capital markets to the real estate community. First Financial Bancorp was initially formed by three former savings and loan executives who were responsible for residential, multifamily and commercial lending in the Southern California area. First Financial Bancorp uses numerous sources both institutional and non-institutional to provide its clients the best possible financing available.

First Financial Bancorp is widely viewed as the real estate lender of the future. Utilizing funds provided by various Wall Street firms, First Financial Bancorp has loaned over three billion dollars in capital to real estate borrowers with sizing needs ranging from 100-thousand dollars to 100-million dollars. Property types range from single-family homes, apartment buildings, anchored and unanchored retail centers, office buildings, warehouses, hotels, nursing homes, and self-storage facilities.

Loans committed by First Financial Bancorp close with regularity due to the diligence of our experienced in-house staff that underwrite and process your loan. The loan process at First Financial Bancorp is designed to be timely and straightforward. All possible obstacles are addressed up-front so there are no surprises at the end of the process. First Financial Bancorp is not tied to specific underwriting guidelines. Structuring expertise and creativity are utilized to create secured transactions that meet the borrowers' needs.

A large part of First Financial Bancorp's success is based, on the strength of our relationships. Not only does First Financial nurture the relationships with our clients, we also developed long-standing relationships with our lenders.


We are team players who have pulled together a practiced group of professionals appraisers, escrow officers and title experts who share the goal of securing mortgages. We put you on the team, and we provide you the level of involvement and communication that is most comfortable to you.


At First Financial Bancorp, we are mortgage professionals who earn our livelihoods every day by giving you what you want: a loan with the lowest possible interest rate and best possible terms that closes on time with the least amount of effort on your part. We are innovators who use our experience and creativity to structure loans that make the most sense for you.


Founded in California in 1992, First Financial Bancorp works with some of the biggest names in the business. Our mission is to bring the unlimited financing capabilities of the capital markets to the real estate community, along with the structuring expertise and creativity long associated with institutional lending.


As with any task, repetition creates competence, and competence leads to market advantage and success. At First Financial Bancorp, we have that market advantage and a strong record of success, which is measured by clients that use our services time and time again.


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